Michelle Connett
PMG Focus: Designer for print and web

Michelle Connett PMG Focus: Designer for print and web

Michelle has been working as a graphic and web designer since 2008. She graduated college with a degree in graphic design and has incorporated web front-end development and design into her practice.

Her career began at Adept Results, a small, privately-held company that provided e-commerce and co-registration marketing solutions for clients, as well as developing branding and product development for vanity and cosmetic products. She developed branding and packaging concepts for multiple brands, and designed website and digital collateral. Since then, she has worked for many different clients based on the east coast on a full-time and/or freelance basis including: Silverback Network, Sportsmans Deals, Poofy Organics, Healthy Beauty Project, YWCA of Greater Harrisburg, PMG Media, and The Latino Connection.

She makes it a priority to stay current in the field through working on side projects and online exercises and by reading up on current practices and advancements. For Michelle, graphic and web design is not just a career, but a passion as well.

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July 2, 2015